Machine Learning

AI will become increasingly important in the future of healthcare

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Artificial intelligence is beginning to make waves in all industries and especially in healthcare.  In 2012, there were less than 20 AI companies focused in the healthcare space — today, AI in healthcare is dominating all other industrial applications in respect to equity deals.   Just last year, it was noted that there were almost 70 companies focused on AI in healthcare.   This expansion is exciting and means that in the near future, machine learning and predictive analytics will provide clinical decision support, helping improve patient outcomes, healthcare systems’ performance measures, providers’ ability to work efficiently.    At Valeet Healthcare,…

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Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare

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Big data analytics and clinical decision support is the wave of the future in healthcare and is already taking shape.  The industry has vast amounts of data it generates, and to date, most has been stored as hard copies or in unstructured formats rather than in easily usable digitized formats.  This data includes clinical data, written notes and prescriptions, medical imaging, labs, insurance information, demographic and administrative data, sensor data from vital sign monitoring, and information from social media streams.. Information explosion Some reports note that in 2011, the US healthcare system’s data reached 150 exabytes.   At this rate of…

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