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Valeet Healthcare Goes to Australia

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We had the opportunity to go to Australia last month to explore partnerships with several healthcare facilities in Western Australia. Dr. John Walker, an anesthesiologist and healthtech aficionado, hosted me for which I was grateful. I visited several healthcare facilities and gained a deeper understanding of their needs. I was honored to give a lecture to doctors, residents and medical students about healthcare innovation. I also had the opportunity to talk with them on an individual level, learning about their concerns and needs. One thing stands out: fragmentation of healthcare and lack of real patient engagement tools are global problems….

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Exciting Trends in Digital Health

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Digital health can be defined as “the convergence of digital and genomics revolutions with health, living, healthcare and society.”  The digital health “movement,” as it is often referred to,  allows individuals to track their health more easily and be empowered to have better health outcomes.  As the digital health revolution continues to grow and expand, new data and research will cue us as to what is and is not working, and certain patterns will solidify while others will continue to evolve.   Here are some of the trends which we think will be most promising for digital health moving forward:…

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