Bridging the gap between patients and their healthcare.

We’re leveraging technology to bridge the gaps in healthcare, see how our solutions can give you a more seamless healthcare experience whether your’re a patient, healthcare provider or a healthcare system. Valeet will help you get connected and stay connected.

For providers

Valeet provides tools to increase transparency and facilitate bidirectional conversations with patients leading to better care and better outcomes.

  • Happy doctors are better doctors. We give the healthcare team modern tools to promote more efficient workflow to make working smarter and simpler.
  • The platform provides visual tools and data analytics to help providers promote shared decision making at the point of care.
  • Providers can document as they go with our easy documentation system. We also use automated systems to track data which will affect decision points in care delivery. Everything is standardized and seamless.
  • The patient’s care plan is updated in real time, creating more clear and effective communication.

For patients

Knowledge is power for patients. Valeet keeps them in the loop and ready to be an active part of rounds each day with their care team.

  • Patients are engaged with their care team and provided with personalized health data mapped out.
  • Detailed care plans give patients the knowledge they need to actively participate in health discussions, share in decision making and achieve superior health outcomes
  • Actionable data allows patients to stay on top of their health conditions and encourages collaboration with their care team.
  • Patients get access to easy to understand resources and content regarding their conditions and medications giving them the agency to participate in a more equal manner.

For Healthcare Systems

Hospitals need effective providers and happy, healthy patients. Tracking outcomes and metrics with ease at the point of care is essential in the modern health space. When we give hospitals the tools to be more efficient quality of care goes up and re-admissions go down.

  • Enable healthcare systems to track quality metrics and take corrective actions in a more interactive format.
  • Provide a technology structure for patients and providers to access information more effectively format allow for better health outcomes for healthcare systems.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to healthcare providers to allow opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Utilize an organized, integrated dashboard to allow for streamlined organizational operations based on real time data analytics.

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