Patient Engagement Week!

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Patient engagement week is upon us!  

What better time to reflect on the patient stories that led to my passion for creating better systems to engage patients.  I’d like to step back to 2001 when I was a recent college graduate with a passion for serving communities in need.  Going door to door in Texas neighborhoods allowed me to see and learn the needs of the community.  

Developing programs tailored to their needs, such as community gardens and diabetes support groups, showed evidence that there was a way to transform health through empowerment.  

My initial fire originated through this experience in Americorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA).  During my residency at Duke University Medical Center, my belief that empowering patients is critical became even more evident.
My patients who excelled in their health had one thing in common: they were motivated to be healthy and knew their bodies.  I shared more of my thoughts on patient engagement in this blog piece.  Fast forward to now, and in my work as an attending physician, I see it every day:

Patients who understand their care plan are more successful.

I’m thrilled to be working on a solution that empowers each patient to be engaged in their own care.

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