Growing up as a young African – American male in the inner city, the food options were like moving through a minefield of empty calories, high fat content and next to zero nutritional value.  A diet like this could only lead to poor health.  Have it your way: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease — the list goes on.  While some may judge this as an excuse, there is profound truth in the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  I was simply doing the only thing I knew:  eating junk food as a staple, which I did for nearly all of my teenage years.  Even now, I’m disgusted just thinking about it.

It’s not all bad though. As I was feeding that  inner city fatboy the only way I knew how to, somehow,  the seeds for a love of fitness and health were being planted — eventually to grow a strong foundation.  Vanity is what drew me into fitness initially – the desire to have a sculpted body and be the tough guy on the block.  Little did I know that this initial hook would guide me into my life’s work and calling.  But at the time, oh, how I despised having to buy those super-sized jeans!  So there began my journey. I started working out at the gym to get the fit body I wanted.

Once I reached my twenties, I finally was able to make the connection between having the sculpted body and feeling in tune with my health.  It was a newfound feeling that I couldn’t quite put into words.  The gym became my safe haven, and my fascination with fitness began to transform from a superficial desire to an appreciation and understanding of the mind-body connection.  

For me, having a healthy body translated into a deep sense of self-nurturing.  This transformation affected my attitude, mood and outlook on life.  I read everything I could get my hands on about fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and health.  People approached me to ask me questions – they too had noticed my transformation!  I had found my calling. I decided to get my certification in nutrition and focus on how I could help others make that magical transformation — not just in their physical aesthetic, but in embracing a deeper knowledge and understanding about their health and wellness.

As a personal trainer, I’ve had the fortune of working with people from all walks of life – physicians, people who know nothing about health, and everyone in between.  My journey has helped me help individuals, one-by-one, feel their best, and achieve fitness and health.  I’ve reveled in the transformations I’ve witnessed.  

I have gratitude that I was able to open my eyes to the reality of what it is that makes us feel healthful.  My body today is completely different today than what it used to be.  I can’t imagine putting junk food into my body the way I used to as a teenager.

Today, the world is more connected than it ever was — there are vast amounts of information ranging from online networks of people who want to be fit to fitness trackers to help people move in the right direction.  I’m hopeful that people will use this information to their benefit!  And by sharing my story and putting more information out there, I too hope to transform others’ journeys and  open their eyes to their most healthy and fit state of existence!

At Valeet Healthcare, we believe in the power of people to transform their health.  We are passionate about providing technology that enables patients to take ownership of their health data and engage in their care, so that they may experience health transformation.  Contact us to learn more visit or email us at

Kevin Wilson

Author Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson is a fitness expert and personal trainer who has been working in the field for many years. His clients range from physicians to people who know little about fitness. Follow him on twitter @kevin@uni_fitness or send him an email to learn more!

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  • Kevin, I applaud you and admire your unique insights on fitness thank you. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to do some workouts with you too and need to get in some more sessions with you to get my planks in order!!

  • Jeanne Rooney says:


    Your story is inspiring. I now understand your commitment to healthy eating and exercise and am motivated to make better choices for myself, one by one. Thank you so much for sharing.

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