We’re revolutionizing health engagement.

Connecting patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems for improved outcomes and seamless care in the modern healthcare space.

We’re revolutionizing health engagement.

Connecting patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems for improved outcomes and seamless care in the modern healthcare space.


Our Focus

Engaged patients

Valeet empowers patients to be active in their health, setting them up for success in their health outcomes whether in the hospital, at home or out in the world.

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Healthcare system metrics

Our platform can help track your healthcare organization’s quality metrics in a visual format. Leverage our technology to take corrective actions and ensure that your organization is excelling in its performance metrics.

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Provider workflow

Learn about our solutions to ensure that your healthcare providers are enabled to work smarter. Equip your providers with data analytics, visual tools and more to facilitate effective, compassionate care right at the point of care.

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What people are saying

Valeet is an innovative platform empowering patients, allowing healthcare providers to work in a smarter, more connected way in turn benefiting healthcare systems. There is a real potential here with the Valeet platform to transform healthcare and I'm eagerly following the company.

Ateet AdhikariJD Healthcare Startup Investor, Healthbox Vice President

Sima and the Valeet team are forward-thinking and innovative, passionate and dedicated to their goals to first and foremost improve the patient experience and quality of care. They also are thoughtful about meeting the needs of additional stakeholders, including practicing clinicians, who want real-time tools to support high-quality patient-centered care, and administrators, who monitor important measurements of high-value care in support of improving their health care systems. The Valeet team provides a forum to connect patients, providers, and their communities in evolving towards a more accessible and engaged care ecosystem. As a practicing clinician and informatician, I recognize the grand challenges that Valeet aims to address, and I have every confidence that Sima and her team will achieve their goals.

Tiffany Leung Professior, Stanford University

Valeet is building an outstanding platform for the healthcare of tomorrow. Led by a team of passionate individuals, each and every one committed to making a difference in the world, Valeet is bridging the gap between patients and their healthcare. Kudos to Dr. Pendharkar for identifying this basic deficiency in healthcare today and putting tremendous effort into this healthcare venture. I have no doubt that Dr. Pendharkar and Valeet will help usher in countless frustrated patients and their care providers into the promised healthcare of tomorrow!

Dr. Sanjeev SuratwalaPhysician

As a an experienced healthcare administrator, I have been impressed with the development of Valeet, the ease of use it will provide patients, as well as the broad array of information in an understandable format that it offers both the patient as well as care team. As health care continues to evolve and expand its expectations of the patient's participation in their own care, Valeet will provide a useful and powerful tool in the process.

Ed SchottlandHealth Executive

I have known Sima for a number of years. She is passionate about patient care and is persistent in transforming the care delivery experience for patient. She has the smarts, the knowledge, and the experience to do it; but most importantly, she has the heart to see this through. If someone is to help the industry to make a leap in patient communication, I have no doubt it will be Sima. She has my support and I hope more are jumping on board.

Jesse ChouSerial Entrepreneur

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