Do You Know About The Complications of Diabetes?? Have a Look

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Suffering from uncontrolled diabetes but you are ignoring it? 

A number of people in the US are suffering from diabetes and from them, there are only a few who are taking proper treatment. And the reason behind the same is that they don’t know the complications of diabetes. 

Even after taking proper medicine if you have uncontrolled diabetes then it will affect your body badly. Moving further, let’s have a look at diabetes complications. 

Complications of Diabetes

Heart Disease

Heart Disease and Stroke are more likely to be common in people who have uncontrolled diabetes. And according to a report, around 2 to 4 times the people die because of a heart attack having uncontrolled diabetes than people who don’t. And the reason behind this is high blood glucose which over time damages the cardiovascular system.

Eyesight Damage

Retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma are some of the common eye-related problems that cause because of uncontrolled diabetes. If not treated properly with time then you could have lost your vision.

Kidney Related Diseases

Diabetes causes high blood glucose levels which directly affects the kidney and increases its strain. If you will not take proper medication on time then it can lead to Kidney related diseases. The kidney disease can cause loss of sleep, upset stomach, weakness, fluid buildup, facing trouble while concentrating, etc.

Skin Diseases

If you are continuously ignoring your uncontrolled diabetes disease then there are chances that you will suffer from skin-related diseases like eruptive xanthomatosis or may have bacterial or fungal infections.

Loss Of Limb

This is one of the most serious diseases in which the victim leads to loss of the lower limbs and the reason behind the same is alteration in the skin tissue before the growth of leg ulcers.

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