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Do You Know About The Complications of Diabetes?? Have a Look

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Suffering from uncontrolled diabetes but you are ignoring it?  A number of people in the US are suffering from diabetes and from them, there are only a few who are taking proper treatment. And the reason behind the same is that they don’t know the complications of diabetes.  Even after taking proper medicine if you have uncontrolled diabetes then it will affect your body badly. Moving further, let’s have a look at diabetes complications.  Complications of Diabetes Heart Disease Heart Disease and Stroke are more likely to be common in people who have uncontrolled diabetes. And according to a report,…

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Type 2 Diabetes

Right Insulin Type | the key to freedom from High Blood Sugar!

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If you’re a diabetes patient than chances are that insulin is a medicine that you have heard of and may have some familiarity with. Insulin is a hormone that is found in the body’s natural state however with diabetes, insulin does not work as it should. This can cause life-threatening situations for the body. Here, we give you some basics about insulin. What is Insulin? Insulin is one of the major hormones in the body. It helps the body utilize glucose from food sources converting it into energy that can be utilized by the body’s cells and organs. If insulin…

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Diabetes Epidemiology

Diabetes Epidemiology: CDC Report Analysis

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Today we wanted to take a few moments to talk about the epidemiology of diabetes.  Epidemiology looks at the distribution, patterns and risk factors of certain diseases within a population. In the United States, more than 100 million adults have diabetes which includes those who are diagnosed with diabetes and also those considered prediabetic. Prediabetes is a state where a patient does not quite yet have the diagnosis of diabetes; their blood glucose is high but not yet high enough to have the diagnosis of diabetes. Individuals with prediabetes will usually get diabetes if they don’t start to make some…

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Mind Body Connection: My Heart Health Journey

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February is Heart Health Month and in light of this, we sat down with Tracey Long who recently underwent triple bypass surgery (CABG) due to her underlying heart disease.  Tracey has been gracious enough to share her personal experiences with us and speak to the mind body connection and how it saved her life.  How did you know you were having #hearthealth problems?  Share your story with us in the comments below. Dr. Pendharkar: Tracey, thank you so much for talking with us today!  I’d like to give people a window into your world so they can better understand your…

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One Man’s Journey from Obesity to Health

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Growing up as a young African – American male in the inner city, the food options were like moving through a minefield of empty calories, high fat content and next to zero nutritional value.  A diet like this could only lead to poor health.  Have it your way: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease — the list goes on.  While some may judge this as an excuse, there is profound truth in the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  I was simply doing the only thing I knew:  eating junk food as a staple, which I did for nearly…

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