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Do You Know About The Complications of Diabetes?? Have a Look

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Suffering from uncontrolled diabetes but you are ignoring it?  A number of people in the US are suffering from diabetes and from them, there are only a few who are taking proper treatment. And the reason behind the same is that they don’t know the complications of diabetes.  Even after taking proper medicine if you have uncontrolled diabetes then it will affect your body badly. Moving further, let’s have a look at diabetes complications.  Complications of Diabetes Heart Disease Heart Disease and Stroke are more likely to be common in people who have uncontrolled diabetes. And according to a report,…

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One Man’s Journey from Obesity to Health

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Growing up as a young African – American male in the inner city, the food options were like moving through a minefield of empty calories, high fat content and next to zero nutritional value.  A diet like this could only lead to poor health.  Have it your way: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease — the list goes on.  While some may judge this as an excuse, there is profound truth in the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  I was simply doing the only thing I knew:  eating junk food as a staple, which I did for nearly…

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