Valeet Healthcare Goes to Australia

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We had the opportunity to go to Australia last month to explore partnerships with several healthcare facilities in Western Australia. Dr. John Walker, an anesthesiologist and healthtech aficionado, hosted me for which I was grateful. I visited several healthcare facilities and gained a deeper understanding of their needs. I was honored to give a lecture to doctors, residents and medical students about healthcare innovation. I also had the opportunity to talk with them on an individual level, learning about their concerns and needs. One thing stands out: fragmentation of healthcare and lack of real patient engagement tools are global problems….

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One Man’s Journey from Obesity to Health

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Growing up as a young African – American male in the inner city, the food options were like moving through a minefield of empty calories, high fat content and next to zero nutritional value.  A diet like this could only lead to poor health.  Have it your way: diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease — the list goes on.  While some may judge this as an excuse, there is profound truth in the saying “we don’t know what we don’t know.”  I was simply doing the only thing I knew:  eating junk food as a staple, which I did for nearly…

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My Life as a Type 1 Diabetic — Transformed by Technology!

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Diabetes care, management and health outcomes have undergone a complete transformation over the last 50 years.  From diagnosis, to blood glucose monitoring, to medications, medical technology now offers many options that give diabetics the freedom to live more active and productive lives.  Tracey Long, a type 1 diabetic diagnosed in 1982, shares her personal story underscoring how important technology has been in allowing her to live her life to the fullest. Since 1982 when, at the age of eight, I learned I had Type 1 diabetes, the disease has been a constant in my life.  Back then, I followed the…

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Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare

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Big data analytics and clinical decision support is the wave of the future in healthcare and is already taking shape.  The industry has vast amounts of data it generates, and to date, most has been stored as hard copies or in unstructured formats rather than in easily usable digitized formats.  This data includes clinical data, written notes and prescriptions, medical imaging, labs, insurance information, demographic and administrative data, sensor data from vital sign monitoring, and information from social media streams.. Information explosion Some reports note that in 2011, the US healthcare system’s data reached 150 exabytes.   At this rate of…

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Meet the Team: Dr. Sanjeev Suratwala

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Dr. Sanjeev Suratwala is an orthopedic surgeon and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwell Health. He serves as an advisor to Valeet Healthcare and is passionate about all things digital health! We sat down with Dr. Suratwala to get his take on a few different areas and here’s what he had to say: What got you interested in digital health? Digital health provides an opportunity to empower the patient as well as the clinician. The promise of always on and everywhere connectivity, if implemented properly, can finally move healthcare into the 21st century. I see tremendous potential in digital health…

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