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Tiffany Leung

Mobile apps and Patient Engagement

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In medical education, it is often taught that clinical reasoning and judgment should support any orders for diagnostic tests to be completed. That is, the key question to ask when placing an order is: What do you plan to do with the test result? If you can’t come up with an answer, then reconsider ordering the test. If we think back to grade school science class, this is like a small-scale application of the scientific method in every clinical scenario: make observations, develop hypotheses, collect data, see how the results compare to the hypotheses, then refine and repeat as needed….

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What Should I Look for as a Health Consumer?

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In my young career as a primary care physician, not a week goes by without patients giving me some rendition of: “I did the thing I shouldn’t do and Googled my symptoms,” or: “I read a blog that this drug can cause [some really rare side effect].” On the other hand, I’ve also been pleased to talk with informed patients who come to me saying: “I looked up this symptom online and thought I might have this diagnosis, but I wanted to come in to talk about it,” or: “I read about this food poisoning outbreak. Should I be concerned…

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