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By October 13, 2016Blog, Newsletter

We at Valeet Healthcare hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying the Fall season — from the changing leaves to pumpkin spiced lattes to apple picking and more!  

The Valeet Healthcare team continues to be buzzing with activity and excitement.  Since the last update, we have been pushing the limits in innovation with the expansion and development of our engagement platform.  We kickstarted our social media platforms (we are now active on Instagram, thanks to our own Lindsay Densmore!)  We’ve also been busy demonstrating our digital platform and continuing conversations with prospective customers, as well as showcasing our product at the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in September!  

On the heels of the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, innovation and ideation is something that’s been at the forefront of my thoughts.  What is it, exactly, that sparks innovation?  Recently, I had an enlightening discussion with several other startup founders. We had a great exchange of ideas on what it is that pushes one to create and innovate.  

On that note, I’d like to reflect on some key elements I think are critical for propagating change and innovation:

A constant sense of curiosity and questioning

As I get older, I have a deeper appreciation for how children and animals interact with the world.  They seem to be in constant appreciation and exploration of everything around them.  It is their boundless curiosity that I love. I believe we are all lifelong learners as we embark on this journey of life, learning about our world, each other and more.  I enjoyed reading this insightful article on fixed versus set mindset.

A belief that things can always be better coupled with the energy to keep pushing to find that “better” solution

If everyone was content with the way things are now, there would never be change.  In the words of Thomas Edison, “Discontent is the first necessity of progress.”  Many great products have come from people who were not satisfied with the current way of doing things.  Xerox was founded by a lawyer frustrated with carbon copies.  Anita Roddick founded the Body Shop to promote more ethical consumption of beauty products as an environmentalist and activist.  These are only two of an endless list of people whose innovations originated from the discontent of their current situations.  

The ability to learn from others and learn from life’s every experience

I learn something new every single day.  Today, I was talking with a social worker who works with mental health patients.  She shared with me how many patients she has worked with have taught her some of the most important lessons she has learned in life.  I can’t agree with her more.

The ability to wholeheartedly embrace the inevitable fallibility that comes with being human

I’m convinced that there is a lot of value and much to learn through struggles and failures.  One of my favorite quotes comes from Winston Churchill: Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

I would be curious to hear your thoughts!  One thing for sure is that there is a ton of innovation happening in healthcare right now.  It’s exciting, and I am thrilled to be on the cutting edge of innovations in health communications.  And with that, I’d like to again extend a warm thanks to each of you for your continued support!


Sima Pendharkar

Author Sima Pendharkar

Dr. Pendharkar, MD, MPH, FACP is a hospitalist and patient advocate with a passion for ensuring that patients are successful in their health outcomes. She has worked as a hospitalist in a number of institutions gaining a deeper understanding of the systems. She is committed to creating a solution to help patients, providers and healthcare organizations each succeed in their health.

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